Why you need wedding photography and videography

Reduce the time and stress involved in planning a wedding with professional wedding photography and videography. From the flowers, styling and table arrangements to the playlist, venue and guest list, it’s incredible to watch your wedding vision slowly come to life – one detail at a time. While every wedding is inherently different and unique to the couple’s love story, there is one mainstay that’s pivotal to any wedding – wedding photography and wedding videography.

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It’s simply impossible to emphasize the value of having professional wedding photography and videography on your big day. The list of reasons why this should be at the top of your wish list are endless – but we’re not here to overwhelm you with anything more than exactly what you need to know. Instead, we’ve pulled together our top four reasons you need professional photography and videography at your wedding.

1. Professional experience in wedding photography and videography is everything

Our experts in wedding photography and videography are not only skilled at what they do – they’re also incredibly passionate about their work. This passion translates into a lifelong yearning to continually improve their skills, enhance their work and ultimately, capture wedding moments in a way that will endure through time.

As well as their dedication to their craft, professionals in wedding photography and videography also come armed with high-quality camera equipment, an excellent attention to detail and the perfect eye for lighting, posing and frame. They’ll be able to direct you in front of the lens, make you feel comfortable in the spotlight and always capture you from your best angle on your wedding day.

2. Wedding photography and videography are keepsakes that you’ll hold onto for life

Your photography and videography is curated to transport you back in time – for years to come. This content is an opportunity to look back on your moment in time, reminisce on the special people that made your wedding day and share that chapter of life with future generations. Many people choose to do this by having their photographs enlarged and printed to be showcased around their home, just like wedding stationery. Remember that the camera on your phone cannot compete with a professional camera. High-quality printing is only possible when the original photography and videography is shot in high-definition. Phone, tablet and older devices may capture images that look good on the small screen, but they’ll quickly lose their impact when edited.

While you’ll certainly hold onto your photography and videography for life, sharing professional wedding content is also a great way to thank family and friends for attending your wedding after the fact. You may post images with a card of gratitude, reshare content on social media or even have loved ones over for a viewing of the wedding production – the possibilities are endless!


At Desire Weddings, we believe in the power of the in-between moments. Our style is candid and documentary-inspired, meaning we’re continually looking to capture the interactions as they happen, when they happen. This fly-on-the-wall approach is the key to crafting photographs and videos that feel genuine, authentically and emotional. Our attention to detail will also help pick out small adjustments that can be made to your dress, tuxedo, decorations or background to ensure every frame is as flawless as the last.


Your wedding photography and videography is designed to capture your moment in time. It’s a special start to a new chapter in your love story and a rare opportunity to have everyone that matters in the one place, at the one time. Professional photography and videography packages will help bring you the peace of mind you need to sink right into the moment and soak up the time with your loved ones. You can rest assured knowing your cherished wedding photography and videography are safely backed up. Plus, when you leave your wedding photography and videography to the professionals, family and friends won’t be distracted trying to snap their own pics and everyone can enjoy the day together.

Just like your wedding itself, finding the right team for your wedding photography and videography is a personal and meaningful journey. It’s important to consider the style of your moment in time and connect with someone that truly understands your vision for your wedding day. We’d love to help you explore the possibilities and share more about how Desire Weddings may be able to bring your wedding photography and videography to life. All you need to do is contact our friendly team today. We’ll arrange a time to chat and find you the best wedding photography and videography for your special day. Say hello here. We can’t wait to hear from you!




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