How to plan the perfect surprise proposal pics with a wedding photographer

Planning to pop the question?

Desire Weddings are experts on snapping the perfect engagement pics without spoiling the surprise.

Check out our wedding photographer’s 4 tips on surprise proposal pics:

So, you’re planning to propose and want to work with a wedding photographer to capture your magical moment forever. Surprise proposal photography and videography packages capture genuine love and happiness, and are the perfect way to announce your engagement. 

It may sound hard to hide a HD camera, but don’t worry, the wedding photographers at Desire Weddings are highly skilled at secretly capturing your dream photos so you can focus on living your love story. 

1. Keeping the surprise with help from your wedding photographer 

The wedding photographers at Desire Weddings will capture your surprise proposal without distracting you and your partner from the moment. After you’ve decided on how and where you’re going to pop the question, we’ll work to create a customized plan to stay out of sight while capturing the authentic moment. Our wedding photographers will enthusiastically hide in a bush or act like snap-happy tourists to do our part in telling your love story. 

While you won’t have to worry about our wedding photographers keeping your secret, remember to stay sneaky in the weeks leading up to the big day. Keep your engagement ring browser history clear and be careful who you share your proposal plans with. 

2. Make sure your partner is picture perfect for their wedding photographer surprise 

We know, they always look gorgeous to you. However, your partner will be showing off these photos for years to come, so they’ll want to look their best when you surprise them with a proposal and a wedding photographer. 

One of the most popular ways to make sure they’re looking and feeling good is to tell them you’re taking them to a fancy dinner or event. This way they’ll be all dressed up and ready for your wedding photographer to take some spectacular snaps!

Keep your appearance in mind when choosing your proposal location. If you’ve chosen a beautiful hiking lookout, they’ll be showing up in gym clothes. However, you know your partner better than anyone, and if they’re the kind of person who prefers sneakers to dress shoes, don’t worry about dressing up! It’s important that you both look and feel like yourselves in this epic milestone. 

A tip our wedding photographers love is to discreetly pack a beauty bag to bring out (after your partner has said yes and our cameras have been revealed). They’ll love this chance to adjust their hair or touch up their makeup before posing for some more shots. 

3. Figure out what you’re looking for in a wedding photographer 

When you book Desire Weddings for your engagement photos, you can relax knowing you’re in the hands of professional wedding photographers. Don’t hold back on chatting to your wedding photographer about what you’re looking for in your proposal photos and videos. Our passion is achieving your vision, and we love hearing your ideas!

Not sure what you’re looking for yet? Hop on websites like Pinterest and save surprise proposal pics you love. Find common themes between your saved photos to narrow down your preferences. 

Whether your style is natural and romantic or modern and edgy, our wedding photographers will ask you questions about your dream proposal to establish your preferences on factors like lighting and location. 

After getting a feel for what you like, our wedding photographers will advise you on how we can perfectly capture your proposal. For example, we might suggest a drone shot if you’re proposing from a viewpoint at golden hour. Or, some portrait shots might be perfect for your wedding photographer to capture your intimate dinner engagement. 


This might sound like strange advice coming from professional wedding photographers, but we know the best romantic moments come when you and your partner feel like the only people in the world. 

At Desire Weddings, we take a quiet approach to capturing your authentic reactions so you can focus on the present. Knowing that our experts are taking care of capturing your proposal with premium quality wedding photography, all you’ll need to do is enjoy your engagement with your new fiancée!




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